Health experts sound alarm over changing virus patterns and rising hospital admissions

12 Mar 2023 • Health experts at Delhi's Sir Gangaram Hospital have raised concerns over the sudden increase of influenza A subtype H3N2 cases across the country. Hospitals are reporting thousands of cases of H3N2 influenza, which has led to a lot of respiratory tract infections.

Dr Dhiren Gupta, Senior Consultant in the department of paediatric emergency and critical care at Sir Gangaram Hospital, noted that the pattern of viruses has changed remarkably and unexpectedly in the past six months.

Type B influenza has also led to more severe pulmonary infections requiring ventilation. In addition, adenovirus, a DNA virus mainly affecting the upper respiratory tract and eyes, has led to a significant rise in intensive care unit admissions over the past two months. Dr Gupta explained that previously, adenovirus mainly affected those under two years old and immunocompromised individuals, but this year its behaviour was different.

Source: Hindustan Times| Read full story

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