Ozempic(semaglutide) Users Complain Of New 'Finger' Side Effect From Weight Loss Jab

21 Jun 2023 • Let’s face it. “Ozempic face” wasn’t going to be the only possible effect of rapid weight loss from taking semaglutide. Various Ozmepic terms have been trending for a while after key results from a Phase III randomized clinical trial emerged. These results showed that once-weekly subcutaneous injections of semaglutide along with lifestyle modifications led to an average 14.9% loss in body weight.

Some of that fat loss can occur in the face, leading to a gaunt, hollowed-out, and aged appearance with sagging, wrinkled skin has earned the unofficial term “Ozempic face” on social media. From "Ozempic body" to "Ozempic face," the most talked about weight-loss drug has caused a lot of problems. The drug's latest side effect is "Ozempic finger," where users have noticed their finger and wrist sizes shrinking, causing difficulty when it comes to jewelry.

Jewelers reported a 150% increase in customers coming to stores to size-down their rings and bracelets since last year, per the New York Post. Additional side effects include nausea, constipation, diarrhea, pancreatitis, malnutrition and hair loss.

All of this is a stark reminder to patients that weight loss can be much more complex than initially realized. Plus, there can be a number of mental and emotional health implications that follow. While Ozempic might have the current spotlight, it’s the lesser-known Wegovy that is actually FDA-approved specifically for weight loss.

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