60% microbial resistance is XDR in Gujarat

14 Feb 2023 • In the first state-wide study consisting of over 3,000 samples of AMR, the researchers at Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission(GSBTM) and Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre (GBRC) indicated that about 60% of the total samples did not respond to more than one category of antibiotics, identified as extreme drug resistant (XDR). More shockingly, out of total, 5% were pan-drug resistant (PDR) organisms that did not respond to any available antibiotics in the market.

"The ongoing study, which started in April 2022, comprises all possible factors - the initiative has 10 locations and 20 partners including medical colleges, veterinary colleges and fisheries industry. The researchers also collect samples from water and air," said a project coordinator. Out of the total, 52% or more than half 'superbugs' were found from healthcare sector, whereas 27% were from the vet and fisheries sector and the rest 21% from the environment.

Dr Urvesh Shah, professor and head of department of microbiology at GCS Medical College, said that indiscriminate use of antibiotics was the primary reason for the rise in AMR organisms.

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