What is R21? The newly approved 'world-changer' malaria vaccine!

17 Apr 2023 • Ghana becomes the first country to approve the new R21 malaria vaccine, developed by Oxford University. The vaccine - called R21 - appears to be hugely effective, in stark contrast to previous ventures in the same field. This malaria vaccine has become the first to exceed the World Health Organisation's target of 75 per cent efficacy.

  • The R21/Matrix-M vaccine has been developed at Oxford University and has been approved by Ghana's Food and Drugs Authority in children aged 5-36 months, the group at highest risk of death from malaria.
  • Trial data from preliminary studies in Burkina Faso showed the R21 vaccine was up to 80% effective when given as three initial doses, and a booster a year later.
  • Researchers published their findings from a Phase IIb trial of the vaccine in the journal Preprints with The Lancet, which demonstrated high-level efficacy of 77 per cent over 12 months of follow-up.
  • In a statement, the university said, "It is hoped that this first crucial step will enable the vaccine to help Ghanaian and African children to effectively combat malaria."
  • The Serum Institute of India is preparing to produce between 100-200 million doses per year, with a vaccine factory being constructed in Accra, Ghana.

Source: BBC Health | Read full story

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