Skip Biopsy, Track Cancer via blood samples!

1 Mar 2023 • Researchers from the University of Technology Sydney have developed a revolutionary tool that enables physicians to avoid invasive biopsy procedures and monitor the efficacy of treatment by identifying and analyzing cancer cells in blood samples,. According to researchers, taking a biopsy can make patients uncomfortable, increase their risk of complications after surgery, and cost more money, but an accurate cancer diagnosis is essential for successful therapy. Blood samples can be used to diagnose cancer in a much less invasive manner than tissue biopsies. Repeat tests can be performed, and doctors can track a patient's response to treatment. Rapid detection of circulating tumour cells that have separated from primary tumours and entered the bloodstream is possible with the Static Droplet Microfluidic device. The technology distinguishes between tumour cells and healthy blood cells using a distinctive metabolic signature of malignancy. This innovative method doesn't require expensive equipment or skilled operators and can be integrated into research and clinical labs. This will make it possible for medical professionals to monitor and diagnose cancer patients in a realistic and economical way. The UTS research team has filed a provisional patent for the Static Droplet Microfluidic device and has plans to commercialise the product.

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