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30 Oct 2023 • The world was shaken.

This year, two tragedies on water left all of humanity in terror and shock - Drowning of the migrants’ boat in Greek waters and Implosion of the Titan submarine.

While a lot of factors are beyond our control in such situations, racing against time deploying every possible assistance might work. But sometimes these efforts turn out to be futile and lives are lost.

As medical professionals👩🏻‍⚕👨🏽‍⚕, we at least need to know the basics of managing victims of drowning, but most importantly we should know the essentials of preventing drowning🏊

In this session on the ABCs of Drowning: Clinical Essentials for Physicians, the expert Emergency medicine physician, Dr. David takes us through the must-knows to manage a victim of drowning✅

Are you aware of the Pre- hospital care for such victims. Here's a sneak - peek:

  • Body must be extricated from the water in the supine position, horizontally.
  • Make sure the C-spine is protected with a neck collar.
  • Never attempt CPR in water.
  • Immediately remove wet clothes and wrap the victim in thick blankets to prevent hypothermia.
  • Commence compression - only CPR after the victim is extricated.
  • Do not perform the Heimlich maneuver; unlike does not work🤦‍♂️
  • Shift to the nearest hospital at the earliest

You will be surprised by the insights you will gain from this session!🤗

So here's a question for you:

In which case, is the injury more severe? River water or sea water...

Well, the evidence tells us that there are no significant differences in the electrolyte abnormalities or degree of lung injury despite differences in the osmotic gradient✅

How about this?

Is defibrillation effective in such victims?

The answer is No. You can shock the patient three times if there is a shockable rhythm however if still unresponsive, attempt to shock only after the patient's body temperature is above 30°C🙅‍♀️

So, what about drugs? Will they work in these victims?

Again, these drugs are ineffective in such cases. Adrenaline can be administered every 8-10 minutes after the body temperature is above 30°C🙅🏻

We know you are eager to learn more! Don't wait...tune in now!😊

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