Weight Gain Before 30 Raises Risk for Fatal Prostate Cancer, Study Says

22 May 2023 • A decades-long study into more than 250,000 Swedish men indicated a strong link between men gaining weight across their healthiest years and developing prostate cancer. The analysis, which was presented at the European Congress on Obesity 2023, suggests those who gained at least half a kilogram a year (1.1lbs) from 17 to 60 had a 10% greater risk of aggressive prostate cancer and a 29% greater risk of fatal prostate cancer.

But gaining weight more steeply puts you at a similar risk. A man putting on 13kg (28lbs) between the ages of 17 and 29 is associated with a 13% increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer and a 27% increased risk of fatal prostate cancer.

The findings, which are yet to be peer reviewed, were part of the Obesity and Disease Development Sweden study from 1963-2014. Researchers analysed the data of Swedish men who had had their weight measured at least three times between the ages of 17 and 60.

We do not know if it is the weight gain itself or the long duration of being heavier that is the main driver of the association that we see. Nevertheless, one must gain weight to become heavier, so preventing a steep increase in weight in young men is imperative for the prevention of prostate cancer.” Dr Marisa da Silva concludes.

Source: The Guardian | Read full story

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