Author Taslima Nasreen accuses reputed Delhi Hospital of Medical Negligence

1 Feb 2023 • Exiled Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen alleged that she had been a “victim of medical crime” and was forced to “buy a disability” while undergoing treatment for a case of knee pain at a reputed private hospital in New Delhi. According to Nasreen, the doctor in charge misdiagnosed her with a fracture in the hip and forced her to undergo a total hip replacement. She alleged that he did not show her any X-ray or CT scans when he diagnosed the fracture, and proceeded to admit her late on January 13 and operated upon her early on January 14.

Nasreen called the experience a “nightmare” and alleged that healthy parts of her body were removed in the name of treatment for a disease she did not have. She also said she had pay Rs 7,42,845 to “buy her disability” and the hospital made up a “fake discharge summary” once they found out about their “crime”. She also said she did not get time to consult with family and friends, or go in for a second opinion & was rushed into the procedure.

Nasreen said she was fit on January 1 and she could not even walk now because of the doctors “wrong treatment”.

While the Hospital did not immediately respond to messages about the matter, the official Twitter handle of the private hospital group responded to the author’s tweets offering assistance and an “opportunity to make things right”.

Source: News18 |Read full story

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