Private Hospitals in Rajasthan oppose Right to Health Bill.

19 Jan 2023 • Ahead of the Rajasthan state Assembly's budget session, where the state government is expected to pass the "Right to Health" bill, private hospitals have threatened to strike and boycott government schemes if the law includes them. The PHNHS (Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes Society) has opposed the draft bill requiring all hospitals to provide free treatment to patients in emergency situations who do not have a paying capacity. The government claims that such patients' treatment will be reimbursed through the Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme, but what about private hospitals that are not affiliated with this scheme, asks Dr. Kapoor, Secretary, PHNHS. In addition, the government has not defined an emergency. "The right to health should involve everything, including sanitation, clean drinking water and the breathable air without pollution. "It should not be about only hospital-based healthcare," said Dr. Vijay Kapoor.

Source: Times of India | Read full story

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