First Ever Fully AI-generated Drug For Lung Disease Begins Clinical Trials In Human Patients

4 Jul 2023 • The first-ever drug generated by artificial intelligence has entered Phase 2 clinical trials, with the first dose successfully administered to a human, the drugmakers Insilico Medicine announced earlier this week. The drug, currently referred to as INS018_055, is being tested to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). The 12-week trial will include participants diagnosed with IPF.

"This drug, which will be given orally, will undergo the same rigorous testing to ensure its effectiveness and safety, like traditionally discovered drugs, but the process of its discovery and design are incredibly new," said Insilico Medicine’s CEO Alex Zhavoronkov. "However, with the latest advances in artificial intelligence, it was developed much faster than traditional drugs."

In this case, Insilico used AI both to discover a new target for IPF and then to generate a new molecule that could act on that target. "Our initial studies have indicated that INS018_055 has the potential to address some of the limitations of current therapies"

Zhavoronkov said the discovery process for the new drug began in 2020, with hope to create a "moonshot" medicine to overcome challenges with current treatments.

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