Managing weight and blood pressure is strongly recommended by genetic evidence to prevent vascular complications in type 2 diabetes

14 Aug 2023 • The study aimed to determine the causal relationship between type 2 diabetes and its components (such as fasting glucose, HbA1c, fasting insulin, BMI, and systolic blood pressure) with the risk of vascular complications, independently of shared risk factors like obesity and hypertension. The researchers used Mendelian randomization (MR) with genetic variants associated with these factors as instrumental variables. Summary-level data from FinnGen and other studies were used to analyze outcomes for 18 vascular diseases, with 15 of them related to type 2 diabetes. The findings from univariable MR analysis revealed that type 2 diabetes had associations with 9 out of 15 outcomes, BMI and systolic blood pressure were linked to 13 and 15 of 18 vascular outcomes, respectively, and fasting insulin and fasting glucose had associations with fewer outcomes. The relationship between HbA1c and the outcomes was not robust. When adjusting for correlated traits in multivariable analysis, BMI and systolic blood pressure continued to show consistent causal effects. However, some associations between type 2 diabetes and certain complications were attenuated to null after considering other factors. In conclusion, the study underscores the significant impact of BMI and systolic blood pressure on the development of vascular complications in individuals with type 2 diabetes. These findings emphasize the importance of effective weight and blood pressure management in people with type 2 diabetes, regardless of glucose control, to mitigate the risk of serious complications. Source: Diabetes Journal | Read full story

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