FDA Approves New Drinkable Bowel Prep Option

5 Jul 2023 • The FDA has approved Suflave, a new lemon-lime flavored liquid osmotic laxative option for bowel prep that is touted to be better tasting than the average pre-colonoscopy drink. Suflave is a low-volume bowel prep drink that is meant to improve palatability for patients. The improved flavor doesn’t come at a detriment to the prep’s power to clear the colon. In the trial that led to the approval, researchers found that 94% of patients achieved successful bowel cleansing with Suflave. The study participants said they liked the taste better, too.

Suflave comes in a carton containing two bottles and two flavor packets. Each bottle contains 178.7 g polyethylene glycol 3350, 7.3 g sodium sulfate, 1.12 g potassium chloride, 0.9 g magnesium sulfate, and 0.5 g sodium chloride. One bottle and one flavor packet are equivalent to one dose.

Administration of both doses is required for a complete preparation for colonoscopy. After each dose, an additional 16 ounces of water must be consumed. The drugmakers are positive that Suflave will help in reducing preparation hesitancy and giving more people the chance to feel comfortable during preparation and getting a successful and effective procedure.

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