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9 Oct 2023 β€’ It is a peaceful morning at the market square, and everyone's in good spirits. β˜€οΈ

Suddenly a shrill cry is heard, "Fire! Fire! Help!"😱

A local restaurant is being consumed in flames, and you get a call at the ER from the paramedics that they are bringing in 15 patients including 3 children who have suffered moderate to severe burns.πŸš‘

You need to prepare, but where do you start?🀷🏻

We have got you covered!πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

Dr. Ashima Sharma takes us through the initial assessment and management of burns, particularly severe burns, in this session on 'Emergency Management of Burns'.

Here's a sneak - peek into some of the pearls shared during the session:

Burns are different from other injuries because the consequences of burn injuries are directly linked to the extent of inflammatory response to the injury.πŸ”₯

There are 4 main aspects of Management, as far as burns are concerned:

  • Resuscitation - Evaluation of the ABCDE
  • Enhanced Wound Coverage
  • Infection Control
  • Management of Inhalational Injury

When you are expecting burn patients at the ER, the paramedics can provide you with a lot of information about the incoming victims like the location and nature of the fire and if there is any associated trauma.πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€βš•

Dr. Sharma gives as a handy mnemonic to help us gather a quick history before we take the victims in for further treatment: AMPLE

A - Allergies M - Medications taken P - Past Medical History L - Last meal taken E - Events leading up to the incident

Once the patient is on the way to or on reaching the ER:

  • Remove hot burning clothes, jewellery and debris.
  • Apply saline soaked gauzes at 12Β°C for 15 - 180 minutes
  • Application of ice or freezing water is not recommended.
  • If >10% TBSA, monitor core body temperature and don't let it fall bellow 95Β°F.πŸ€’

Don't forget the Rule of 9, to calculate the %TBSA burned.

Once we have the % TBSA, the Parkland formula can be used to calculate the fluid required for resuscitation

Urine output will help us know if the fluid resuscitation is adequate.

Look out for inhalational injuries and check for injuries of the cornea and the back by log - rolling.

How to assess and manage these injuries, and what are the next steps in management of a patient with severe burns?

Don't wait..tune in now!πŸ€—

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