Brain pacemaker implanted by Gurgaon Doctors!!

1 Mar 2023 • Doctors in a renowned hospital in Gurgaon successfully implanted a brain pacemaker in a 60-year-old man suffering from Parkinson’s disease. A 60-year-old man with Parkinson's disease had a brain pacemaker inserted by medical professionals at a renowned Gurgaon hospital. Doctors stated that eight months following the implant, the patient has exhibited considerable progress and was even able to take a family vacation, something he had not been able to do until last year due to limited movement. The axial symptoms of the condition, which include stiffness, freezing, and unsteady motions, rendered the 60-year-old banker inefficient as well. Electrodes are fastened beneath the scalp and implanted deep within the brain through the skull during a surgical operation to implant a brain pacemaker. The pacemaker, often referred to as the responsive neurostimulator, or RNS therapy, keeps track of and logs a patient's brain waves while also helping to prevent and reduce seizures. The patient had been taking medication for Parkinson's for a few years, but doctors believe their effectiveness was waning owing to overdosing, so they decided to opt for this treatment. Instead of only stimulating static brain targets, doctors claim that the new-age treatment also changes entire brain circuits dealing with particular brain activities.

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