Unusual Fever With Mysterious Full-Body Rash Grips Mumbai

25 Oct 2023 • An "unusual" fever, marked by a perplexing set of symptoms, appears to be affecting many in Mumbai. This fever typically persists for 4-5 days, with temperatures fluctuating between 99 and 102 degrees. However, what sets it apart is the onset of a full-body rash on the 4th or 5th day, accompanied by heaviness in the eyes, persistent headaches, and sleeplessness.

What's puzzling is that despite these symptoms, patients are testing negative for dengue, chikungunya, and malaria and other routine infections. Dr Neelam Andrade, director of major BMC hospitals describing the rashes as pink spots that appear throughout the body and vanish within just 2 days. She also added also added that the rash is itchy and causes discomfort. There have been no reports of life-threatening complications among these patients.

WBC counts exhibit a slight drop, and platelet levels remain within the normal range. Experts also noted an increase in the RBC counts as well as elevated levels of ESR & C-Reactive Protein. Senior Infectious Diseases Expert, Dr. Vasant Nagvekar, has emphasized the importance of molecular tests for a more definitive diagnosis.

Source: Times of India | Read full story

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