Cases in OBGY

Cases in OBGY


Learn from the world's greatest OBGY teachers and consultants. Let's take a pragmatic approach to all of the complex procedures and everyday regular testing that we recommend for all of our patients. In many obgy scenarios, we confront a number of ethical dilemmas and seek quick fixes to handle a few problems; nevertheless, in this club, we want to take a comprehensive approach to all of those cases. Stay Tuned! Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in the session are personal views of the speaker. Medflix or PlexusMD do not endorse or affiliate with any viewpoint. Information or views shared should not be considered as medical advice. PlexusMD, Medflix or the speakers or hosts are not responsible for any loss arising out of use or misuse of the shared information.

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Uterine Anomalies: All You Need to Know



Endometrial Regeneration & Creation of Neovagina



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