Mayo Clinic opens a Patient Information Office in India

7 Feb 2023 • In order to help patients who want to schedule appointments at Mayo Clinic locations around the world, the company has launched a patient information centre in Mumbai. The office staff will assist patients, their families, and doctors who recommend patients in scheduling appointments at Mayo Clinics in Rochester, Minnesota, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, Arizona, Jacksonville, Florida, and Mayo Clinic Healthcare in London. The team is bilingual in Hindi and English. The Mayo Clinic aims to be a global resource for patients and medical professionals. Our overseas patient information centres assist us in giving patients a smooth experience when visiting Mayo Clinic. In addition to providing general orientation to Mayo Clinic, the Mumbai office staff will help with travel, housing, billing, and insurance arrangements, facilitate Mayo Clinic evaluation of medical records, and schedule subsequent visits. Medical care is not offered at the office. Both patient referrals from doctors and requests for appointments made directly by patients are accepted at Mayo Clinic. When communicating with patients whose first language is not English, healthcare professionals can use free translators to help.

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