Effective Long-Term Maintenance Therapy For Atopic Dermatitis With Crisaborole Ointment

19 Jul 2023 • A study has found that once-daily application of crisaborole ointment 2% may be an effective and well-tolerated long-term maintenance therapy for pediatric and adult patients with mild to moderate atopic dermatitis (AD).

  • The study included an 8-week open-label run-in period, during which crisaborole ointment was applied twice daily and successfully managed AD flares for 270 responders. These responders, with a mean age of 19.9 years, were then assigned to a 52-week double-blind maintenance period.
  • During the maintenance period, patients were randomly assigned to receive either once-daily crisaborole or a vehicle. If a flare occurred, the patient switched to twice-daily crisaborole for up to 12 weeks. If the flare subsided, they returned to their assigned treatment.
  • The study found that patients in the crisaborole group had a median time of 111 days without a flare, compared to 30 days in the vehicle group.
  • The crisaborole group had an average of 234 days without a flare, while the vehicle group had 199.4 days, resulting in a difference of 34.6 days.

Additionally, 35.2% of patients in the crisaborole group experienced only one flare, compared to 25.6% in the vehicle group. These results suggest that once-daily crisaborole ointment 2% can effectively maintain a flare-free period in patients with mild to moderate AD, making it a promising long-term treatment option.

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