10-Day Vonoprazan-Amoxicillin Dual Therapy Matches Standard 14-Day Bismuth-Based Quadruple for H. pylori Eradication

29 Nov 2023 • A multicenter, randomized trial compared the efficacy, safety, and compliance of 10-day vonoprazan–amoxicillin dual therapy (VA-dual) with those of standard 14-day bismuth-quadruple therapy (B-quadruple) for the first-line treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection.

The 10-day VA-dual therapy provided satisfactory eradication rates of >90% (PP analysis) & lower rates of adverse events compared with standard 14-day B-quadruple therapy as first-line H. pylori therapy.

However, the rate of eradication failure owing to poor compliance was higher in the VA-dual group than in the B-quadruple group.

Source: Practice Update | Read full story

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