Rare HIV-to-HIV ABO incompatible transplant successful!!

8 Feb 2023 • There have only been a few HIV-to-HIV transplants performed worldwide, including in India. The nephrologist, Dr. Soni, explained that the difficulty in this case was preparing an HIV-positive recipient to receive a kidney from a donor with a different blood group. Immunosuppressants and a specific blood plasma treatment must be administered to recipients of ABO incompatible transplants before to surgery to prevent the body from rejecting the foreign organ. When a 48-year-old cotton trader from Aurangabad needed a kidney transplant, his 45-year-old wife offered one of her kidneys. However, two factors set this kidney transplant apart from others: both recipient and the donor had HIV, and their blood types weren't compatible. The blood type of the woman was B, whereas the blood type of the husband was A. The transplant may be the first of its kind to be both HIV-to-HIV and ABO incompatible, according to nephrologist Dr. Sachin Soni. Both the donor and the recipient are doing well after the successful procedure.

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