Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Cancer Patients Is Less Likely to Be Caused by Cardiac Factors

6 Jul 2024 • Sudden cardiac arrest occurs in 1 in every 20 patients with a history of cancer, with respiratory causes being more likely than cardiac. However, in-hospital outcomes post-sudden cardiac arrest are similar in both cancer and cancer-free groups. Therefore, a history of cancer should not delay or deter the initiation of resuscitation efforts in cases of sudden cardiac arrest.

  • A registry in Paris from 2011-2019 focused on out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrests (SCA) in adults with cancer history. Among 4069 SCA patients admitted to hospital, 5.1% had cancer. Patients with cancer were older (mean age 69.2 vs 59.3 years), more often women (37.2% vs 28.0%), with more cardiovascular issues (41.1% vs 32.5%).

  • SCA with non-shockable rhythm was more common in cancer patients (62.6% vs 43.1%). Causes of SCA were less cardiac-related in cancer patients (25.5% vs 46.8%) and more respiratory-related like pulmonary embolism and hypoxemia. However, in-hospital survival rates were similar in cancer and non-cancer patients (26.2% vs 29.8%).

Source:BMJ| Read full story

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