With Hip Replacement In 15 Minutes, Delhi Doctors Claim New World Record

18 Jan 2023 • "Team of doctors at a leading hospital in Delhi claimed to have created a world record regarding hip ball replacement surgery saying that it was completed in just 15 minutes 35 seconds -- the shortest-known duration for such a surgery globally. Dr Kaushal Kant Mishra, Director of Orthopedic Sciences, performed this surgery breaking his own record. Earlier on February 11, 2021, Dr Mishra performed a similar surgery and completed it in 18 minutes and a few seconds. The advanced age of the patient and also the fact that the patient was on dual anti-platelet drugs, heparin used for angiography two hours before the surgery posed a major risk to the surgery. Her ejection fraction was only 30%"" Dr Kaushal Kant Mishra was quoted saying. ""We worked on her like robotic surgery and finished it as quickly as possible. And it was not to set a record, but our focus was on the need of the patient"" - Dr Kaushal Kant Mishra along with his team and Dr Anuj from the anaesthesia department, Dr Vijay Kumar in the cardiologist team, and the nursing staff made this surgery successful, the hospital authorities said.

Source: ANI | Read full story"

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