Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra Shines in Rapid Diagnosis of Spinal Tuberculosis

11 Dec 2023 • Xpert Ultra detected more spinal TB cases than culture for CT-guided biopsy samples, and no difference in sensitivity was observed for open biopsies.

Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra has emerged as a highly sensitive and specific diagnostic tool for spinal tuberculosis (STB), irrespective of HIV-1 status, outperforming traditional Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) culture and histopathology in open and CT-guided biopsy samples.

Additionally, Xpert Ultra exhibited superiority over culture in diagnosing STB among patients undergoing concurrent treatment for pulmonary TB.

Xpert Ultra is an important tool for rapid diagnosis especially during times or in locations where open surgery is not possible.

Source: Open Forum Infectious Diseases | Read full story

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