ALARMING: Long COVID linked to persistent organ damage in 59% of patients

16 Feb 2023 • A new comprehensive study of organ impairment in long COVID patients over twelve months shows organ damage persisted in 59% of patients a year after initial symptoms, even in those not severely affected when first diagnosed with the virus. The study, published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, focused on patients reporting extreme breathlessness, cognitive dysfunction and poor health-related quality of life. 536 long COVID patients were included in the study. 13% were hospitalised when first diagnosed with COVID-19. 32% of people taking part in the study were healthcare workers. The findings confirmed that 29% of patients with long COVID had multi-organ impairment, with persistent symptoms and reduced function at six and twelve months. 59% of long COVID patients had single organ impairment twelve months after initial diagnosis. The underlying mechanisms of long COVID remain elusive, say the researchers, who did not find evidence by symptoms, blood investigations or MRI to clearly define long COVID subtypes.

Source: The Royal Society of Medicine| Read full story

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