Use of statins and the risk of recurrent strokes after ICH

31 Aug 2023 • In this study, the impact of statin therapy on individuals who survived spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) was investigated. The risk of different types of stroke (ischemic stroke, IS, and recurrent ICH) associated with statin usage among ICH survivors was analyzed. The study identified 1,959 patients with any stroke, 1,073 patients with IS, and 984 patients with recurrent ICH, comparing them to matched controls. The results indicated that statin use was linked to a decreased risk of any stroke and IS, with odds ratios of 0.88 and 0.79, respectively. However, there was no notable association between statin use and the risk of recurrent ICH. The findings suggest that statin exposure does not elevate the risk of recurrent ICH and is associated with a lowered risk of any stroke, primarily due to decreased IS risk. Source: Neurology | Read full story

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