Elon Musk’s Neuralink Announces FDA Approval for Human Trials: What to know

29 May 2023 • Elon Musk’s company Neuralink has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has now approved a human clinical trial of a device that may restore or enhance function when implanted in a human brain. The implant aims to help patients with severe paralysis regain their ability to communicate by controlling external technologies using only neural signals.

Neuralink is building a brain implant called the Link, which aims to help patients with severe paralysis control external technologies using only neural signals. This means patients with severe degenerative diseases like ALS could eventually regain their ability to communicate with loved ones by moving cursors and typing with their minds. Neuralink is part of the emerging brain-computer interface, or BCI, industry. A BCI is a system that deciphers brain signals and translates them into commands for external technologies.

Neuralink’s BCI will require patients to undergo invasive brain surgery. Its system centers around the Link, a small circular implant that processes and translates neural signals. The Link is connected to a series of thin, flexible threads inserted directly into the brain tissue where they detect neural signals.

We are excited to share that we have received the FDA’s approval to launch our first-in-human clinical study!” Neuralink announced on Twitter, calling it “an important first step that one day will allow our technology to help many people.” Musk retweeted the post, congratulating his team. As of now, it is unclear when human clinical trials might begin.

Source: The Washington Post | Read full story

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