Residual β-Cell Function Associated With Longer TIR In Type 1 Diabetes

8 Aug 2023 • The relationship between residual β-cell function and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) metrics in individuals with type 1 diabetes(T1D) was explored in a recent study published in Diabetes Care Journal by the ADA. The cross-sectional cohort included 489 participants with T1D, and various parameters were measured.

  • Results indicated that 49.4% of T1D patients had detectable urinary C-peptide-to-creatinine ratio (UCPCR), reflecting residual β-cell function.
  • Higher UCPCR levels were associated with improved CGM metrics, including longer time in range (TIR), lower time below range (TBR), lower time above range (TAR), and lower glucose coefficient of variance (CV). Additionally, higher UCPCR levels correlated with lower HbA1c levels and a decreased daily insulin dose.
  • Glucagon/glucose ratios were also linked to longer TIR.

The findings suggest that individuals with better preserved β-cell function demonstrated improved CGM-derived metrics, potentially reducing the risk of long-term complications in type 1 diabetes.

Source: ADA | Read full story

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