Cancer Risk Among Diabetic People Is High, New 12-Year Study Reveals All

30 May 2024 • A large nationwide population study has confirmed that diabetes is independently linked to an elevated risk of cancer.

Individuals with diabetic retinopathy are even more vulnerable to cancer than those who do not. In addition to overall cancer risk, the systemic inflammation and inflammatory mediators in response to diabetes are intrinsically linked to an increased risk of cancer at particular locations, including the liver, pancreas, colon, breast, urinary tract, female genitalia, lip, oral cavity, pharynx, skin, respiratory, and intrathoracic organs.

On the other hand, patients with diabetes had a reduced incidence of prostate and esophageal cancer than those without the disease. The study's findings also suggest that maintaining controlled blood glucose levels may prevent the spread of cancer.

Source: BMC Medicine | Read full story

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