WHO Reports First Human Fatality from H5N2 Bird Flu

6 Jun 2024 • The World Health Organization has confirmed the first case of bird flu-related death in Mexico. A 59-year-old man from Mexico was the first confirmed case of a human infected with the Influenza A (H5N2 variant) virus globally and the first case of avian H5 virus in Mexico.

  • There was no history of exposure to poultry but the person had comorbid conditions like chronic kidney disease and type 2 diabetes. The patient suffered from shortness of breath, fever, diarrhea, and nausea following which he was hospitalized and succumbed to death on the same day.

  • Countries like Australia and the United States have also reported bird flu (H5N1 variant) in cows and poultry. No human-to-human transmission was reported. “Low” risk is estimated in the general population, but any mutations in the virus that could potentially cause human transmission are to be observed, says WHO.

Source: The Times of India | Read full story

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