Bright Lights, Big Risk: Excessive Exposure to Bright Outdoor Nighttime Lights Raises Stroke Risk

26 Mar 2024 • A large study of residents in Ningbo, China, a major city of more than 8.2 million residents, found that exposure to more artificial, outdoor, nighttime light was associated with a higher risk of conditions that affect brain health.

Excessive exposure to air pollution and artificial, bright light at night was independently linked to a higher risk of developing cerebrovascular disease (CeVD), particularly ischemic stroke.

Specifically, CeVD risk increased by 17% for light at night (LAN), 25% for particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5), 14% for PM10, and 21% for NO2 (emissions from cars, trucks and buses, power plants and off-road equipment).

While previous studies have linked increased exposure to bright, artificial light at night to the development of cardiovascular disease, this is one of the first studies to explore the relationship between exposure to light pollution at night and the potential risk to brain health and stroke.

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