Sinusitis Raises Red Flags for Future Rheumatic Disease Risk

28 Feb 2024 • In a groundbreaking population-based study spanning two decades, researchers found a compelling association between antecedent sinusitis and incident rheumatic diseases.

Individuals with a history of sinusitis faced an elevated risk of various rheumatic conditions, including antiphospholipid syndrome, Sjögren’s disease, vasculitis, and polymyalgia rheumatica.

Notably, acute sinusitis was linked to an increased risk of seronegative rheumatoid arthritis. The timing of the sinusitis was crucial, with the strongest association observed 5–10 years before the onset of rheumatic disease.

In conclusion, preceding sinusitis is associated with increased incidence of rheumatic diseases, suggesting a possible role for sinus inflammation in their pathogenesis.

Source: RMD Open | Read full story

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