Oral Estrogen Therapy For Menopause Likely To Increase Hypertension Risk: AHA

12 Jun 2023 • In a recent study published in AHA's Hypertension Journal, oral estrogen-only Hormone Therapy use was associated with an increased risk of hypertension in women. In women using estrogen-only HT, nonoral estradiol at the lowest dose and for the shortest time-period is associated with the lowest risk of hypertension. The researchers found that compared with transdermal and vaginal estrogens, oral estrogen was associated with a higher risk of hypertension.

For this study, researchers used health data from more than 112,000 women in Canada ages 45 and older who filled at least two consecutive prescriptions – a six-month cycle – for estrogen-only therapy between 2008 and 2019.

The results showed that women who used the therapy in pill form had a 14% higher risk of developing hypertension compared to those using estrogen topically, and a 19% greater risk compared to those using vaginal creams or suppositories. Compared to estradiol, the use of conjugated equine estrogen was linked to an 8% higher risk of developing high blood pressure. The most significant finding is perhaps that non-oral estradiol (a specific form of estrogen) at the lowest dose and for the shortest period of time was associated with the lowest risk of developing high blood pressure.

The study's authors said their future research will look at combined estrogen and progestin, as well as progestin-only formulations of hormone therapy and the impact on heart and kidney diseases.

Source: AHA | Read full story

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