Night-time Ambulatory Blood Pressure More Predictive of CV Mortality Risk

17 May 2023 • Ambulatory blood pressure readings, particularly those recorded at night, provide a better indication of a patient’s risk of mortality over the next several years than do clinic-based measurements, a large Spanish study confirms, reinforcing findings from numerous previous studies. These findings were published online recently in The Lancet & support prior research around ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM).


  • Blood pressure (BP) measures obtained through ambulatory BP monitoring were more informative about the risk of all-cause death or CV death than conventional clinic BPs.
  • Masked and sustained hypertension were also associated with an increased risk of death compared with patients with 24-hour BP within normal range.
  • This large study further underscores the superiority of ambulatory BP over clinic BP in the association between BP and all-cause death and CV death.
  • The authors conclude that ambulatory BP, particularly night-time BP, was more informative about the risk of all-cause death and CV death than clinic BP.

Source: American College of Cardiology | Read full study

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