EMPRISE Study Affirms Empagliflozin's Superior Cardiorenal Efficacy in Type 2 Diabetes

12 Feb 2024 • In the latest EMPRISE study, researchers conducted a comprehensive analysis comparing the cardiorenal effectiveness of empagliflozin and GLP-1RA agents in patients with type 2 diabetes across various cardiovascular risk profiles.

The study findings revealed that the CV benefits of empagliflozin were more pronounced in older patients and those with a history of ASCVD or heart failure, with consistent results across genders.

Compared to GLP-1 RAs, empagliflozin emerged as the superior choice, exhibiting comparable risks of MI or stroke but significantly lower risks of hospitalization for HF, MACEs and progression to end-stage kidney disease.

Source: Cardiovascular Diabetology | Read full story

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