AI Accelerates Heart Attack Diagnosis and Treatment: AHA 2023

17 Nov 2023 • According to the results of a late-breaking science study presented at the AHA's Scientific Sessions 2023, the integration of AI technology with electrocardiogram testing resulted in a 10-minute reduction in the time required to diagnose and transfer individuals experiencing heart attacks to the cardiac catheterization laboratory for treatment. The study specifically focused on patients diagnosed with STEMI.

The trial involved more than 43,000 patients seen either in the emergency department or as inpatients at the largest military hospital in Taiwan, Tri-Service General Hospital, between May 2022 and April 2023.

The trial findings included:

  • AI-enabled EKGs accurately diagnosed STEMIs patients with positive predictive value of 88% and negative predictive value of 99.9%.
  • AI technology helped to reduce the treatment waiting time for patients with STEMI from about 52 minutes to 43 minutes.
  • AI-enabled EKGs confirmed STEMI among seven hospitalized patients, while standard care confirmed STEMI in only one hospitalized patient.

Source: AHA 2023 | Read full story

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