Unveiling the Scientific Chairperson for RCP Cardiology 2023 ✨

21 Oct 2023 • 🥁 Drumrolls please! Doctors of Medflix, we’ve some exciting news! We’re delighted to unveil the “Scientific Chairperson” for the “Review of Current Practice in Cardiology” conference, happening exclusively on Medflix. 🤩

We are excited to have Dr. Kamal Sharma, Chief Interventional Cardiologist at SAL Hospital, Ahmedabad joining as the Scientific Chairperson for the conference. Dr. Sharma has contributed in 212+ publications with over 10,000 citations. He is also the author of eight notable books, including "Clinical Cardiology" and "Clinical Medicine."

RCP Cardiology 🫀 promises to reshape the landscape of medical conferences as the world's first entirely virtual live evening conference, designed exclusively for medical professionals like you. Our scientific team has put together some of the most practice impacting topics for discussion by distinguished national and international experts in the field of Cardiology.

Stay tuned for the speakers reveal soon!🤩 Early Bird Offer, Now LIVE! 🕊️

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