Code Grey To Be Implemented Across Hospitals in Kerala

3 Jul 2023 • Code Grey is called to alert the hospital staff to a dangerous person or a criminal activity in the hospital. This is an alert for security personnel to act and assist the hospital staff. The Kerala Health department will implement the Code Grey protocol in hospitals across the State for the protection of hospitals and hospital workers, according to Health Minister Veena George.

A hospital may use Code Grey “if someone, including a patient, is being aggressive, abusive, violent, or displaying threatening behaviour”. This is an alert for security personnel in the hospital to act and assist the hospital staff to manage the situation or remove the aggressor from the premises.

This protocol used in hospitals in the West will be modified suitably and adapted for the State’s hospitals so as to defuse hospital emergencies, Ms. George claimed, while addressing a workshop here on Monday. The protocol will be modified to suit all categories of health-care institutions in the State, she said.

Source: The Hindu | Read full story

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