Grip Strength: Why you should be checking this key 'vital sign'

3 Feb 2023 • Published on the 2nd of February, 2023

What is grip strength?

At the biomechanical level, grip strength is generated by the forearm muscles. It measures how firmly and with how much stability you can grip heavy items. Grip strength is also an excellent measure of a person's overall muscular strength. It is measured with a hand dynamometer—a device which measures the force used to squeeze two handles together.

Research links weak grip to disease

A massive multi-country study of approximately 140,000 adults between 35 and 70 years old found those with an 11-pound decline in grip strength had a 17% higher chance of dying from a heart attack or stroke across a 4-year period. The correlation is that a stronger grip is found in people with more muscle mass. And those with higher muscle mass as a percentage of their weight usually exercise more and have overall better health. Grip strength has also been found to correlate to mental health. A study of 27,000 adults over 60 years in India showed a link between low grip strength and depression. Researchers found that there was a statistically significant odds ratio of low grip strength and depression. Get working on grip strength today! Source: Medical Xpress| Read full story

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