Recent Study Reaffirms Increased CV Risks with Concurrent Use of ED Drugs and Nitrates

16 Jan 2024 • The most common medical treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) is phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (PDE5i). However, the use of PDE5i in subjects with cardiovascular disease (CVD) and ED has been controversial.

As expected, compared with nitrate users not on PDE5 inhibitor treatment for ED, those who had both types of drugs in their medication history tended to be at higher risk for major cardiovascular events over a median follow-up of 5.9 years.

The study revealed alarming increases in cardiovascular & all-cause mortality, noncardiovascular mortality, MI, Heart Failure, & cardiac revascularization in patients taking both medications.

Careful patient-centered consideration before prescribing PDE5is to patients with cardiovascular disease using nitrate medication is warranted.

Source: JACC | Read full story

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