CPAP: A Novel non-pharmacologic Rx for managing Supine Hypertension

30 Jan 2023 • According to a recent study, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) can be utilised as a novel treatment for supine autonomic failing hypertension while also reducing daytime orthostatic hypotension and nocturia (OH). The journal Hypertension published the findings. Due to autonomic dysfunction, supine hypertension affects a large number of orthostatic hypotension patients. For fear of OH getting worse, it is frequently not managed. Therefore, Luis E. Okamoto et al. conducted a trial based on a concept that nocturnal supine hypertension can be managed while minimising nocturnal pressure diuresis and improving daytime OH by increasing intrathoracic pressure with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). This is due to the Valsalva-like blood-pressure-lowering effect. Key research findings:

  • Systolic blood pressure was decreased by acute CPAP (4–16 cm H20) in a dose-dependent manner because stroke volume and cardiac output were decreased.
  • Nighttime systolic blood pressure was decreased by overnight CPAP and was linked with lower nighttime diuresis and increased morning orthostatic tolerance.
  • There was no change in systemic vascular resistance or heart rate.

Source: Medical Dialogues | Read full story

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