Zero-Degree Head Positioning Pre-Thrombectomy Shows Remarkable Improvements in Neurological Function

8 Feb 2024 • Flat head positioning (0-degrees) before thrombectomy for large vessel ischemic stroke resulted in significant neurological improvements compared to a 30-degree angle, according to preliminary late-breaking science presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2024.

  • Patients with 0-degree positioning demonstrated greater stability and clinical improvement.
  • Additionally, at both 24 hours after surgery and at 7 days after discharge, the 0-degree-head-position patients had less neurological deficits in comparison.

Currently, hospital beds for stroke patients awaiting thrombectomy surgery are typically set with the head of the bed at a 30-degree angle, or a slight incline. Researchers have now established that zero-degree head positioning is a safe and effective strategy to optimize blood flow to the brain until the thrombectomy can be performed, and it should be considered the standard of care for stroke patients prior to thrombectomy.

Source: AHA | Read full story

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