EULAR’s New Classification Criteria for Hand Osteoarthritis

8 Jun 2024 • The European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology (EULAR) has developed new classification criteria for hand osteoarthritis (OA).

Current classification is based on clinical findings but does not distinguish between certain phenotypes. The new criteria include radiographic features to improve accuracy.

The criteria consider factors such as age, duration of morning stiffness, number of affected joints, and agreement between symptoms and X-ray findings. Researchers can apply these criteria in large studies without additional clinical examinations.

A score is given to each element, with a total score of 9 or more indicating overall hand OA, and a score of 8 suggesting interphalangeal or thumb base disease. These criteria aim to support the design of clinical trials for targeted interventions and enable the inclusion of more homogenous patient populations in research studies. Further validation of the criteria through control-group studies is still necessary.

Source: EULAR | Read full story

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