Surgery Within One Year of Acute Coronary Syndrome or Stroke Linked to Increased Postoperative Mortality

23 Nov 2023 • Is the time elapsed since a cardiovascular event associated with an increased risk of mortality in patients undergoing nonneurologic, noncardiac surgery? Researchers probed the connection between post-op mortality and the timing of surgeries after CV events like ACS and stroke.

For those with a prior CV incident, the period linked to heightened post-op mortality risk was undergoing surgery within 11.3 months. The 30-day mortality risk was elevated in individuals with a preceding CV event, be it emergency or elective surgery, compared to those without such a history.

These findings indicate that clinicians should balance the potential benefits of surgery against the risk of increased mortality from overly expeditious surgery after a recent cardiovascular event.

Source: JAMA | Read full story

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