Lower Daily Calcium Dose Noninferior in Mitigating Preeclampsia Risk During Pregnancy

11 Jan 2024 • Taking 500 mg of calcium a day reduces the likelihood of developing preeclampsia in pregnant women as much as higher doses, according to a study in The New England Journal of Medicine.

  • In pregnant individuals in regions with low dietary calcium intake, a lower 500-mg daily dose was found to be noninferior to the recommended higher dose (1500-mg) in reducing the risk of preeclampsia in two key trials.
  • Additionally, the 500-mg dose demonstrated noninferiority in the India trial for the risk of preterm live births, while results in Tanzania slightly exceeded the noninferiority margin.

The World Health Organization recommends 1500 to 2000 mg of calcium daily as supplementation, divided into three doses, for pregnant persons in populations with low dietary calcium intake in order to reduce the risk of preeclampsia. The complexity of the dosing scheme, however, has led to implementation barriers. These findings propose a potential shift in calcium supplementation practices during pregnancy.

Source: NEJM | Read full story

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