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Mumbai doctor first to notarise ‘living will’, wants to set example

2 Mar 2023 • A day after registering a ‘living will’, Dr Nikhil Datar, a renowned gynaecologist and judicial activist, put up a copy on social media so that others can use it as a guidebook. The 'living will' states that treatments to artificially prolong dying should be withheld or discontinued if he has an “incurable, irreversible illnes or if he becomes unconscious and there is a high likelihood that he won’t recover.

In January, the SC amended the existing guidelines to simplify the process of creating a ‘living will’. This change aims to make the process less burdensome for individuals seeking to document their end-of-life preferences.

Dying has become difficult to some extent due to progress in medical sciences. Doctors are bound by medical ethics to prolong life, and relatives are usually divided about the future course of treatment. Living will is about giving citizens control over their last days. Our Supreme Court has enabled this, and the remaining progress depends on people exercising their right,” Dr. Datar added.

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