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4 Oct 2023 • Too busy to crack open your journals?📚

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The past month witnessed a lot of practice changing updates and who better than the well renowned physician, Dr. Mahadev Desai to recount these medical advancements for us.📑

Dr. Desai discusses the 5 top research articles published in September, alongside the highly esteemed cardiologist, Dr. Bhupesh Shah and the eminent dermatologist, Dr. Uday Khopkar.

Here's a glimpse into the enlightening discussion:

Does size matter, as far as BP cuffs are concerned?

  • When regular or larger cuff was used in a participant for whom small cuff was appropriate, the SBP was underestimated (by 4-9 mm Hg).
  • When regular or small cuff was used in a participant for whom larger cuff was appropriate, the SBP was overestimated (by 4-9 mm Hg).
  • Accurate measurement of BP is particularly important to evaluate signs like the Hill's sign, pathognomonic to severe aortic regurgitation.

What is the impact of modifiable risk factors on CVD and Mortality?🫀

  • The 5 identified modifiable risk factors are BMI, SBP, Current smoking, Diabetes, Non - HDL cholesterol
  • Elevated SBP seemed to be the largest contributor to population - attributable fraction of incident CVD events.
  • The 5 modifiable risk factors were responsible for over 50% of CVD events in both men and women globally.🚬❤️‍🩹

What's the burrow ink test to detect scabies?🧐

  • Case report about a 20 year old male complaining of generalized pruritis for the past 3 months
  • Multiple erythematous papules seen on trunk, genital area and flexor aspects of wrist
  • Physical exam did not reveal any visible skin burrows.
  • A papule in the wrist was covered with a purple skin marker an dthis was wiped with a alcohol swab.
  • An ink - filled skin burrow became visible.

HIT and skin necrosis💉

  • Left sided painful skin necrosis occurred at the site of a subcutaneous dalteparin 13 days after mitral valve replacement.
  • Along with the plummeting platelet levels, the Platelet factor 4 IgG enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for HIT was positive.
  • Intravenous treatment with argatroban was started and warfarin introduced.

Venous eczema and chronic venous disease🦵

  • The diagnosis of venous eczema is usually clinical, based on a history of venous disease
  • Clinical appearance of skin lesions include erythema, scaling, and hyperpigmentation to edema, erosions, and crusts, among other clinical signs of chronic venous disease.
  • Targeted treatment of venous eczema is critical along with treatment of underlying chronic venous disease, and prevention of ulceration by maintaining skin integrity.

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