Union Health Ministry Issues Advisory to States Amid Zika Virus Cases

4 Jul 2024 • The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued guidance to states stressing the importance of vigilance concerning the Zika virus situation in the country.

  • Clinicians have been advised to closely monitor pregnant women due to the potential risk of Zika causing microcephaly and neurological complications in fetuses.

  • Additionally, states have been instructed to remain vigilant for Zika virus cases, conduct screenings for pregnant women, appoint nodal officers to maintain mosquito-free facilities, and enhance vector control efforts in residential areas, workplaces, schools, construction sites, institutions, and health facilities.

  • Furthermore, states are encouraged to utilize social media and other platforms to disseminate precautionary messages about Zika. This proactive approach aims to alleviate community concerns, given that Zika typically results in mild symptoms, similar to other viral infections.

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