American Academy of Pediatrics Changes Stance on Breastfeeding for People With HIV

20 May 2024 • The American Academy of Pediatrics changed its recommendations for infant feeding among people with HIV for the first time since the start of the HIV epidemic.

The clinical report is a critical evidence-based update marking a reversal after decades of recommending against breastfeeding or providing breast milk to infants of people with HIV.

Research has found that the risk for HIV transmission via breastfeeding from a parent who is receiving ART and is virally suppressed is estimated to be less than 1%. This small risk should be weighed against the numerous health, psychosocial and financial benefits of breastfeeding, the AAP said.

Criteria for safe breastfeeding include early ART initiation and sustained viral suppression. Regular viral load monitoring, exclusive breastfeeding, and gradual weaning are recommended strategies. Close monitoring of infant health, including HIV testing, is crucial throughout lactation.

Source: AAP | Read full story

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