Anti-platelet regimes in CAD in HBR (high-bleeding risk) subset, and revisiting Aspirin in Primary CVD prevention

7 Nov 2023 • In the past, the priority had always been to prevent ischemic events during percutaneous coronary intervention with DAPT. 🩸

However, increasing evidence points to serious bleeding consequences.

Finding novel strategies to optimise ischemia and bleeding protection has been encouraged due to knowledge of their prognostic significance.

If you thought we were done with dilemmas, let's talk about Aspirin💊

Since it was first used for centuries as an analgesic and antipyretic, aspirin has been a mainstay in the fight against CVD since the latter half of the 20th century.

Aspirin's clinical risk-benefit trade-off is established by its irreversible inhibition of COX-1, which provides protection against platelet-mediated thrombotic events but also increases bleeding risk.

This differs significantly from the traditional approach to aspirin therapy, which likely increases bleeding risk without conferring vascular benefits in a vulnerable subset of aspirin users.

So what do the experts think? 🤔

👨🏻‍⚕Some of the greatest minds in cardiology, such as Dr. Prakash Sanzgiri, Dr. P. K. Hazra, and Dr. Kamal Sharma, will engage in a riveting discussion on the Advancements in Anti-platelet therapies at the RCP Cardiology. Join them live for a panel discussion you wouldn't want to miss!

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