Real Cognitive change with just 9 more minutes of exercise!

28 Jan 2023 • After 9 minutes of sedentary activity was substituted with moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA), there was a 1.31% improvement in cognition scores relative to the sample average. New research highlights the crucial impact brisk exercise, such as running and cycling, plays in brain health. Middle-aged adults who spend just 9 more minutes a day engaging in MVPA report improved cognition. Running and brisk walking are examples of MVPA that raise the heart rate. After just 9 minutes of more moderate to vigorous movement instead of sitting, people move up from the 50th percentile to the 51st or 52nd percentile. This shows how even very little variations in daily activity, such those lasting less than 10 minutes, can have a significant impact on our cognitive health. The effects of exercise appeared to be greatest on working memory and thought processes including organising and planning. Clinicians should advise patients to add a quick 10-minute stroll to their daily schedule and alternate periods of prolonged sitting with brief periods of activity.

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